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Simultaneous record view and list view


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I have the following design doubt. I am thinking of creating an interface with a:

- Left panel with menu selection (Companies, Contacts, Quotes, etc.)

- Central panel with record by record view in a tabbed design

- Right panel with a list view of all selected records.

For instance, if a user selects Companies in the left menu:

- the central panel would show one Company record, and would allow the user to navigate from record to record.

- the left panel would show an Excel like list of all companies, allowing the user to jump from record 3 to, lets say, record 18 (assuming both records are present and visible in the right table).

Can you think of any issues with this design? Do you think it is a correct approach?

Thank you

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I will add some more info that might help you to understand the question.

Left panel = MENU items and Search Window. Two different windows simulating to be the same. If the users choose a menu item, this window enters Find mode.

Central panel = SEARCH RESULT. This windows shows the records of the found set, after the users has carried out a search.

Right panel = List view of the same found set as the Central Panel.

My problems are the following:

- Is this design viable and reasonable?

- How do you implement it?

I have tried to create the windows, thinking they should be based on the same TO (for the central and right panel) and a different TO for the MENU. If the user click a MENU item, the left panel goes to the correct TO and allows a search. But how do you do it? How do you show a record view and a table view of the same found set at the same time? how do you allow a permanent Find window to be open at the same time, thus allowing the users to carry out a new search or browse the found set, whichever they want?


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This topic is 5704 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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