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Importing File and Filename

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I posted the following on the forum under "Scripting" instead of "Importing", so I will relist.

02-19-07 05:46 AM - Post#241230

I am new to FM scripting and am at present converting over some old dBase programs and have a problem. I wish to import a file using details already stored as global variables, that is, the file path is in one global field eg. (C:folder1) and the filename in another (eg. file.csv). I have no trouble importing the file manually into FM but using the Import Records command, scripted, I can't find a way of making it refer to the path and filename using data from the pre-entered global fields. There appears to be a path & file choice but that only locks it into a specific prenamed file. I hope my explanation is clear enough. Anyone help?

02-23-07 01:35 PM - Post#242024

In response to DamonH

Maybe I wasn't clear enough. All I want to do is call up a file, using scripting, while in Filemaker and import it into the current file. (I wish to enter the files name into a field so that the filename is part of the record thereby indicating its source.) FileMaker seems to want to have the source "hard-coded" to import records.

Surely someone out there has done this before.

I read the query by teutonic knight and Hans Jurgens reply and I would like him to elaborate if possible.


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This topic is 6060 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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