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Jim Turner

Portals on the Web

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Hi All

I am having trouble with portals when using my database via a web browser.

At the moment I have a database with a layout that has two portals both related to a second database using the same relationship. One portal has 10 or more rows shows a small thumbnail image from the related record. The second Portal has only one row (quite large) showing a larger (though same) image from the related record.

I have used this script:

Set field [database name:):Field name;Get (portalRowNumber)]

Go to object [Object name:"large portal name"]

Go to Portal Row [database name::Field name

and I have applied it to a button within the smaller portal with many rows. When I click on one of the rows in the smaller portal it makes the larger portal go to the matching row...therefore showing a larger image of the thumbnail image.

This works perfect when I am using the database through filemaker, but when I view the database through a web browser after IWP the portals do not respond and the only way I can change rows is to use the scrollbars on the portals.

I have checked that the script steps are all web compatible...and they are. So I am at a real loss as to how to get the portals working as they do through filemaker.

I am new to this forum (today in fact) and I would very much appreciate any help anyone can provide.



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