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MS Vista: UAC | manifest | virtualization

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i still understand UAC only marginally and am looking for much needed advice/assistance regarding installing runtime solutions on Vista as it pertains to the new UAC and appllication manifest requirements, etc.

i have a commercially available product and i periodically issue software/file updates. UAC and virtualization is proving problematic, as you might have guessed.

i have built an application manifest using "requireAdministrator" as the security level. i have placed that manifest in the same folder as the .exe file of my app.

when i launch my app and check the task manager virtualization is still enabled.

i am positive i am doing this incorrectly. i know next to nothing about this. (even after reading the microsoft white paper, etc). the main thing is my software is installed to Program Files (always has been) and when i update the files they appear to have been installed, but of course Vista is still pointing to the virtual copy, so the old version runs when the app is launched.

has anyone else dealt with this yet?

any help at all you in this matter would be immensely appreciated.

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