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"Help Me" with ordener 2007

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I’m a newbie and I work with FM8.5. But i have a probleem:

I would like to see the amount of documents per folder,ordner and map all the time

At the moment this can only be done via the button, which is a search

When the given quantity is 25 the next record , 26, should be red and a message “new Folder Please” should appear.

The same for ordner and map (it only works with Folder).

Who can help




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Alain, welcome to the Forums.

I do not understand what the desired outcome of your question.

Are you trying to map a folder on your hard drive?

Are you trying to create a folder tree view of the records?

Are you trying to keep a constantly updated view of all user entered records?


Is the unattached, related file important as a sample file?

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Sorry for the late reply but ;1. I have been on vakation and 2 I’m not sure how to explain what I mean.

SummaryDoc is summary of all A B C fields. I would like to have the sum of all A001 and A002, B001, C001 .............. seperated in browse mode

And if possible a warning when a given amount is reached


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