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Ok, I followed the advice of previous post to re-design my database. This time I put all the images in a different Filemaker file with the pictures embedded on it, store it on a shared drive that can be accessed by everyone, and then relate the two files (Photo.fm7 with Data.fm7) with a foreign key. First test was flawless I could see the pictures in both computers. I thought I finally figured it out. But now, that I re-made my whole database I run into problems again. This time, when I want to see the pictures I get the message "Photo.fm7 could not be found", which is weird since Data.fm7 is working fine in the host computer. When I point out the location of "Photo.fm7" in the client computer I get this message: "Photo.gm7 database is currently in use and could not be opened". Result: Filemaker frustration level to the top and "File missing" in all the pictures in my client computers. What I'm doing wrong? is Filemaker that bad for sharing?. please heeelp!!!!

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No FileMaker file should ever be put on a shared drive, as it is the easiest way to corrupt the file. Your Photo.fp7 file should be in the same directory as the Data.fp7 file, and should be hosted the same way as Data.fp7.

The error message you are seeing is due to the fact that one user has already opened the Photo.fp7 file (via your relationship) and thus, the file is in use by that single user. If the Photo.fp7 file is being hosted by your host computer, you have the same sharing possibilities that you have with Data.fp7.

The rules for sharing are spelled out fairly clearly in the FileMaker User's Guide.


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