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open container content in other filemaker file

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I wish to know how you can open a pdf file stored in a container field by double-clicking on it, from another filemaker file.

I have a filemaker file "patients.fp7" and a filemaker file "files.fp7". In "files.fp7" I store pdfs in container fields. Each one is stored and related to a "patient_id" number from the "patients.fp7" file.

In my "patients.fp7" file I can display the related container field. I can actually see the pdf file in the container, but when I double-click on it nothing happens.

However, I can right-click on it and export the content anywhere I want.

I wish to make a script that will display the file for instance in preview (mac os) or in Acrobat Reader (windows).

I looked at script functions but none seems to do this.

Can you help me ?

Thanks in advance.

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I've always used AppleScript for this. But now you can use a Script Variable to hold the path to use in Export Field Contents, then use Send Event to open the file.


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