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John Chamberlain

More than 1 find in a script?

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Is it posssible to have more than 1 Perform Find command in a single script?


Peform Find (look for a field match)

do some processing

Peform Find (look for a differnt field match)

do some different processing

I could really simplify a bunch of things, if this is possible.

Any help will be appreciated.

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In FM6 and earlier, each script can only store one set of find criteria in Enter Find Mode[] or Perform Find[]. However, you can use those steps without the criteria stored, and use Set Field[] to insert your own criteria:


Enter Find Mode[]

Set Field [ field ; "value1" ]

Set Error Capture [ On ]

Perform Find []


Enter Find Mode []

Set Field [ field ; "value2" ]

Perform Find []


In FM7/8, a script can store multiple criteria in different Find steps, but I still find it easier to write and debug if the criteria is explicitly entered in separate Set Field[] steps.

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