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Peer to Peer vs Server

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I'm trying to backup databases that are hosting data over the web. There is a database that has scripting of some sort involved to grant multiple users access to their record only over the web in a system not running server (I think it runs using FMP tasks 2.0?). Obviously I did not set this system up. The problem is that when a database is open, it cannot be reliably backed up (ie, with Retrospect server). I also have a server running FMP Server 7 (soon to be 8 and then 9). With databases hosted in this fashion, server writes a copy on the fly which allows for reliable backup. There are two solutions I can think of, but don't know which would be easier/better. One is to write a Kron script that shuts the database down at a given time, backs it up and then reopens it. Is there a script such as this that anyone knows of? Does FMP allow scripting arguments that would then log the database back in, as I believe the database itself needs to be logged in to be accessible over the network (peer to peer) and over the web. Solution two is to move the database over to being hosted on the database server. Is there a way to do this preserving the scripting/web hosting stuff that is already in place or will that interfere with the way FMP Server wants to run web hosting? Thanks.

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