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Schedula Professional v2.8

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Bozrah, CT - May 8, 2007 - Life $uccess Institute is pleased to announce that Schedula Professional v2.8 is now shipping. This update represents a complete rewrite with numerous changes and improvements throughout. These include revised calendar and grid interfaces, a variable day view, a permanent audit archive, and billable time tracking. Schedules can now be assigned any start and end times with any size intervals, and conflict checking can be done prior to executing a repeat. Plus, the program is now faster and more streamlined than ever before.

Schedula Professional (also known as SkedPro) is a true enterprise scheduling system, one that is exceptionally fast and can be readily configured to meet unique or specific needs.

Key features include:

* 24-hour "around-the-clock" scheduling of unlimited resources

* Side-by-side grid times with variable start and end times and intervals

* Exact-time entries with support for multiple bookings and optional conflict checking

* HIPAA-compliant audit tracking and security, billable time slips, and personal "To Do" lists

* Calendar groups, color-coded entries, private listings, holidays, and one-click presets

* Daily reminders, auto-repeats, date blocking, barcode tags, projects and tasks

* Administrative controls, including accounts, privileges, and passwords

* Contact linking, cancellations archive, and appointments history

* Remote viewing of scheduled entries with a Web browser

* Unlimited user accounts

* Plus, much more!

Schedula Professional requires FileMaker Pro 8.5 or later. For pricing and to download a copy of the program, please visit http://www.LifeSuccess.org/.


Life $uccess Institute

PO Box 386

Uncasville CT 06382-0386 USA




Copyright 2007 Life $uccess Institute. All rights reserved. Schedula, Schedula Professional, and SkedPro are trademarks of Life $uccess Institute. FileMaker Pro is a registered trademark of FileMaker, Inc.

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