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content-type of emails sent by webcompanion

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I hope i'm posting this in the correct section, as i couldn't really find something fitting for this...

Our company does software development, and we have a database for bugreports running on top of filemaker pro unlimited.

Each time a bug report is changed or added, several people need to be informed of any actions by email, this is done through the web-companion plug-in. The emails that are sent are in HTML format, which is necessary to make emails resemble the web-interface as much as possible.

In the past we used EUDORA as email client, and I am now researching the possibility to switch to Mozilla Thunderbird.

Now while testing Thunderbird, i noticed that the emails sent by filemaker were processed as plaintext mails, and since the content of the email was HTML, it looked like a bunch of garbage and was unreadable.

After some research, i found that the reason of this problem is that EUDORA didn't look at the email headers, but at the message body to decide whether it should process a message as plaintext or as HTML.

Thunderbird however (and outlook as well) will readt the "Content-Type" header in each email, in that header, 2 values are possible:



Based on this value, Thunderbird will process the message either as text or HTML.

The problem is that i can find no apparent option in filemaker to change this header.

One thing i found was to put a "mimetypes.txt" file in the filemaker directory, that file should then contain any special headers that need to be put in an email.

But after some testing (monitoring with sysinternals file-monitor) we found that filemaker wasn't even attempting to read this file...

So if anyone has a better/working solution to this problem, i would really be gratefull

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There must be a special CDML instruction: [FMP-ContentMIMEType: mime/type]. Place it in the file and when processed it will change MIME type returned to browser.

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