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Import Images into Container field

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How would I import an image from an internet location via a URL?

I can insert a picture, but it only allows me to specify a local file path.

Is there a way to insert an internet picture besides downloading the image to the local hard drive?


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I think you have to download it first. You could use AppleScript to download the file, with the built-in app URL Access Scripting. It's dictionary:

download string : URL to download from

to file specification : the downloaded file location

[replacing yes/no] : whether to replace an existing file (default: no)

[unpacking boolean] : whether to decode or decompress the downloaded item (default: true)

[progress boolean] : whether to display a modal progress dialog (default: false)

[form data string] : form data

[directory listing boolean] : get a directory listing? (default: false)

[download directory boolean] : download as an entire directory (default: false)

[authentication boolean] : show authentication dialog (default: false)

→ file specification : the downloaded file

AppleScript can set a container field to an image file directly. This will give you a "referenced" picture. If you want to embed it you'll have to call a FileMaker script from AppleScript to do that.

Alternatively you can use another free Scripting Addition, GraphicsImporter, which can pull the image from a file, which AppleScript can then embed in the container field.

It works well, but it's been a long time since I've used those image tools. GI above won't run on my machine. I don't even have OS 9 on this machine, iMac Intel. These days we use the background Image Events application for these things, or the command line "sips", which has similar functionality.

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Sorry, I forgot to specify I need a cross platform solution.

Can I get the image out of the Web Viewer?

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