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Cath D

PDF with clickable links

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Has anyone figured out how to create pdf's from FileMaker which contain clickable url's?

We are saving itineraries as a pdf. These contain the web site address of the accomodation and need the address to be a hyperlink.

This solution is for FileMaker 8.5 on Windows XP.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi All,

Though I'd post the result of my investigation, incase it's helpful for someone else.

In this case I have suggested Adobe Acrobat Professional for the job. Pdf's generated within FileMaker are opened with Acrobat Prof and a batch process creating the URL's contained within the document is run. One further problem... Acrobate Professional is pretty pricey.

Apart from rewriting the pdf generation using other pdf engines, or using 3rd party software there does not seem to be any way to retain the hyper links.



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