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specific info in portals

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Hello to All!

I posted this in portals, but in retrospect, its a relationship thing...

Any suggestions would be gratefully recieved...

With thanks



I'm working on an Event's database, that incorporates attendees info, events and the people who organize events.

Event teams tend to be fairly static with people repeating roles regularly. As they are an Event team member, they also show up in the attendees table, as they've attended an Event. I'm wanting to display events that individual attendees have been involved with, and the specific role they played... ie, Jane Smith 'ORGANISED' 'EventID' 001 & 'ASSISTED' 'EventID' 002, on the Attendees / Contacts layout.

So far I can display through a portal Event Team data, but I want data that specifically and only relates to the individual.

I have 2 tables :: Events, Attendees, with two join tables :: Registrations (links Events to Attendees) and EventTeams (links teams to events!).

Can this be done through a portal..? The purpose of this is to display the training history of attendees.


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I don't get why you operate with two join tables, when it seems like what you're after has a lot in common with this:


...allthough it has been outfitted with extra features to prevent double bookings, neither has the reporting you're after been touched yet, but as a rule should the reporting be done in the join table, to make things go as easy as posible.


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