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Newbie question - Invoicing system

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New to File Maker and I have to create an invoice system, which I've never done. I've been reading up on it but I'm a little confused on how to do it.

I have an Invoice table and an Invoice Line table. In the Invoice Line table I have a field for LineID, Item, Quantity, Price, Extended Price, GST and Total...am I on the right track? Now, the items that I want to appear in the invoice vary...some are products that we actually have on hand and others are service fees. Should I create an Inventory table? I will also want to create a Purchase Order table as well and link it to Inventory. Ideally for the invoice, I would like the user to be able to select the item from a drop down menu and have the price automatically filled in. How would I do that?

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Hi kilikina,

Well you have several things to address.

1. your total field should be in the invoice table and total the extended price fields from the related line item records.

2. an inventory table would be a good addition to hold the items you stock for sale. Inventory is concerned with the cost of the items and quantity on hand, not the price you wish charge a customer.

3. I would create a price list table so you could list both items you have in stock and service rates. It can be linked to the inventory table for the instock items to show cost beside sale price, but I would have a separate table, that way you could print a price list, update prices all in one place, & evaluate profit margins from one table. Get the sale price from this table thru a lookup rather than a relationship, so you can retain historical prices, i.e. what the price was when the invoice was prepared.

Hope these thoughts help,


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Just a thought! Have you looked at the Business Productivity Kit supplied free by Filemaker? It will do everything you want (and probably alot more) and you will have a very productive time looking at how it's all done. You can get the BPS from the filemaker website.

Hope that helps.


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