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formatting export data

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Hey all,

I tried to search around, but wasn't entirely sure how to phrase it.

Basically I'm running a db with close to 2k clients. I need to export their URL's to a simple list (1/line) for use with Xenu link checker.

I have it working, only I need to do some sanity checks on the URL field first -- e.g. if there is no leading http://, add it - or split multiple URLs at the ;

My main concern is the prefixing 'http://' while using the Export command.

thinking its something along these lines, but need it for _all_ records. Best solution would be to not alter the actual record, just prefix before the export.

If ( Lower ( Left ( Clients::URL; 3 ) ) = "www";

Clients::URL = "http://" & Clients::URL;



[Export Records cmd here]


any help is much appreciated.



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Just add a calc field to build the correct URL. Then export that. The calc won't modify the existing data at all.

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I had thought about doing that yesterday but was wondering if there was another way around it.

Not a huge deal, I'll build out the calc field :

Thanks Ender.

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