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How to re-open a file when forced to close?

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Hallo all,

we have 2 filemaker server working together in LAN.

First server host 'internal' databases used by the employees, the other one host a db that is published on the web.

The internal db has various reference to open the web files and write or read them so that they can by frequently synchronized.

Sometimes the web server need to be restarted, we close the databases and the internal files loose the reference.

I usually restart filemaker application and the connection to the web server is automatically re-established but I'm wondering if there is another method to 'reload' the reference.

Note that is not just a re-open file instruction because - even if I open a file previuosly closed - the application still don't recognize it and filed on the layout are still marked as "field missing".

I tried to reopen files via script, I tried to 'close' it and then open it but nothing seems to work properly.

Any idea?

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