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Duplicate values in a valu list

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I have Two fields named location. Location_1 and Location_2. Basically when an address is entered a location type needs to be assigned to it.

Location field has a value list assigned with 4 possible location types: Main, Billing, Shipping and Other.

So when an address is entered the location is chosen.

I set up one more calculation field (Location_calc) which calculates Location_1 & Location_2. I made one more value list which displays values from that calculation field.

In my invoice layout a new field which has a value list assigned to it (value list that shows values from Location_Calc field). When a value is chosen the address fields on invoice get automatically filled (autoenter calc, do not replace existing value).

The problem is that when I have a couple of customer records the location types repeat.

So the value list starts displaying Main, Billing, Main, Other, Billing and so on based on how many records I have in customer table.

How would I get rid of the repeating values?

I got myself confused with this post so if it is too confusing please let me know and I will try to explain better, attach examples.

Thank you.,

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Never mind, it only shows all of the possible locations, it does not duplicate them.

Was looking at the wrong place.

Thank you.

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