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ActiveX FP7

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OK... So i was developing a DB is FP5 and have converted it to FP7 (using Dev). Pretty much all aspects of the DB in development are working well... But I need to call scripts from MSWord. This was working in FP5. So, I made the (what I thought were) the proper changes and it still didn't work.

So, I created this simple VBA script and it doesn't work either. It assumes that there is an open DB, which there is, and that there is a Script named "_DDE_OK", which there is (it just sets a text field to "OK" and execs a SendMessage.) The msgbox in work fine and there are no VBA errors.

Sub CallFM()


    ' FMpro Stuff


    ' Declare object variables


    Dim FMApp As FMPRO70Lib.Application

    Dim FMDocs As FMPRO70Lib.Documents

    Dim FMActiveDoc As FMPRO70Lib.Document


    ' Launch FileMaker


    Set FMApp = CreateObject("FMPRO.Application")


    ' Set the documents object


    Set FMDocs = FMApp.Documents


    ' Make FileMaker visible (when launching from automation, FileMaker

    ' remains hidden by default.)


    ScriptName = "_DDE_OK"


    Set FMActiveDoc = FMDocs.Active


    FMActiveDoc.DoFMScript (ScriptName)

    FMApp.Visible = True

    res = MsgBox(FMActiveDoc.FullName & "-" & ScriptName, vbOKOnly, "Sent")

End Sub

BTW, this FP7 DB is being served remotely by Server 7.

HELP!!!! :

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OK... So, I discover that it magically starts working when I check the called script "Include in the menu". This was not necessary in FP5.

Anyone know a workaround?

I really don't want the scripts that I am calling from Word to be in the Menu List.

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