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Dave Martin Austin

Auto-filling container fields from URLs

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Okay. I am building a FMP database to keep track of my Cafepress shops. I want one to simply contain all my products, including images.

I can create the URL to the image from the product number, but want to be able to use that to pull the image into the container automatically, rather than going record by record, click the button link to the URL, then copying the image manually, returning to FMP and pasting.

With all the automation options -- FMP scripting, AppleScript, Automator -- you'd think it would be a breeze to do this.

Does anybody have any suggestions?



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A combination of FileMaker and AppleScript, using:

do shell script "curl theURL > local_path"

This downloads the image to a local path, say the desktop, to a fixed file name (assuming you're embedding the image in FileMaker, and don't want to keep the file). FileMaker can then import it. Then you can use command line again to remove the file.

do shell script "rm local_path"

I recently uploaded a file showing this (hopefully this path works from here):


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