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Implementation Advice Needed


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I suspect this is pretty basic stuff...

I have an "Orders" file with a layout containing a portal called "items_of_one_order". The portal works through a relationship of a similar name to a file called "Items." The "Items" file manages individual products from manufacture until they arrive in the customers hands (and beyond as a reference archive). Items are grouped and managed from the "Orders" file.

Through the orders layout, the user can add and remove items from the "Items" file.

Here's my problem: quantity of identical items.

I want to allow the user to have a quantity field in the "Orders" file. But that quantity must correspond to 10 separate entries in the "Items" layouts.

If anyone has dealt with this and found an elegant solution I'd love to learn.

Thanks y'all.


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I’m not 100% certain what you want here, but if I understand you, you simply want to count the number of related items! This is pretty easy.

Create a calculating field (not stored), which looks something like this:

Count (items_of_one_order::items-file any value field)

<items_of_one_order> is the relationship name

<items-file any value field> is any field in the related file that will definitely have a non 0 value.

This calculating field will then count the number of positive values in the related file, based on your relationship.Thus you know how many matches there are.

Hope this helps,


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First of all, the number 10 in my original posts snuck in there. It should be ignored.

I don't just need to count the number of items.

I need to allow a user to put a quantity of, say, 2 in the Orders layout, and that would correspond to two new tickets created in the Items layout (while showing as only one line, with the count of 2 in the Orders layout).

Does that make sense?



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This topic is 7543 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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