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Sending a mail with multiple records (NOT as an attachment!)

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I am busy analysing our stock control processes and have written a basic script which alerts sales consultants when the stock that they have ordered has arrived.

The problem is that one order can have multiple line items (or the parent can have multiple children). When creating an email, only the first record's data is included in the email.

With reference to the following post:


a) is there any way that one can send one email which includes all the line items (so as to avoid sending multiple emails per record)?

:) with reference to the suggestion made to the post as mentioned above, if one explored the concept of using a global text field and "posting" the data from all records into this field, how would one actually go about doing that? Surely one would end up with a mass of text which would then require parsing (or am I being a total nut?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks!


aka monsta!

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Look into the List() function.

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