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Duplex print issue to multiple printers

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I am researching an issue for a client that is running Filemaker Pro versions 6.0v4 and 8.5v1. Their Macs are using OS 10.4.11 and the "Data Entry" iMac is running 10.5.1. The main issue we are having is this. The customer prints and duplex's files from Filemaker Pro to HP Laser printers. The documents duplex and print fine. Next they will print the same document from Filemaker to a Konica Minolta C6500 (fiery) duplexed. This also prints correctly. Now if the customer goes back and tries to print the same job again to the HP the document no longer prints duplexed on the HP's only single sided. I have recreated this issue printing a PDF on an HP and then to the fiery and then back to the HP. Same issue it no longer duplex's. But if i close the PDF and reopen it it prints correctly no problem. The same scenario printed from Filemaker pro will not print duplexed again ever out of Filemaker to an HP. I have read through the forums and heard people talk about a print setup issue. Its as if the Filemaker pro is not releasing the setting of the job when it was printed from the Fiery driver. The HP uses the apple settings to duplex and the Fiery duplex's from within its own driver. Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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