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inventory and portals

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hey guys,

I'm not sure how to do what i want to do, here is the basic idea of what i want to do: I want to create an inventory list and be able to build packages to rent out from this list. I have a whole inventory layout where you can fill in the date purchased, make, model, price, and so on. I also have a place to show which package it is in and where within that package it is located So say I have Products 1 - 10 and Packages A, B, and C. Package A has compartment 1 and 2.

- Product 1 is in Package A compartment 1.

- Product 2, 3, and 4 are in Package A compartment 2.

- Product 5 and 6 are in Package B

- Product 7, 8, 9, and 10 are in Package C.

How can I show first on the inventory page what package Product 1 is in and also which compartment within the package.

And second if i was to make a new layout called package. I want to be able to show the Packages and have a portal to show what Products are in the Package and also what is in each compartment.

i hope this is clear enough i can give you a screen shot except i haven't really done anything yet. I just don't even know what direction to head in order to make this relationship work.

any help would be great!


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I would start with 3 tables: Package, Compartment & Product.

The Primary Key for Package is Package_ID. The Primary Key for Product is Product_ID. Compartment will have the Primary Key Compartment_ID and 2 Foreign Keys: Package_ID & Product_ID.

Relationships between Package & Compartment and Product & Compartment.

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