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OS X Parallels OPEN REMOTE Fails

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Filemaker 9 Advanced running on OS X.

Filemaker (same license #) running on Windows.

(nice part about FM license - dual platform, single license legal)

Database opened on OS X.

From Windows - Open Remote.

The OS X side shows up on Windows in the HOST side of the dialog, but the FILES side is empty. Hard typing a IP/Filename enabled the OK, but times out.

The network file path is correct (it works from an external PC).

IF the Windows box is stand alone, this exact setup works from OS X. It is the virtual machine setup that does not seem to work. There is a shared drive on the Parallels VM side, that is the OS X home directory.

Any suggestions?

Painfully workable: I would prefer to not deactivate the FM code on the Windows side of my OS X box, to activate it on the external Compaq desktop, as I troubleshoot code using my Macbook Pro, although I know this works.

If Windows had a decent screen rendering model, none of this would be necessary, but as Windows is incapable of producing accurate screen representations, it always seems necessary to test on both platforms.

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You'll either kick yourself for not checking this, or be annoyed with me for asking because it's so obvious, but:

Did you enable Sharing via File -> Sharing -> FileMaker Network?

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