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Found set question - ghosts?

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Hi all!

I've got a nutritional supplements db. With some advice from bcooney (thanks!) I've got it set up with separate tables for Supplements, Areas (i.e., health areas that supplement might support), Doses, etc., plus join tables with appropriate entries and a relationships graph to tie the tables together. So far, so good... mostly.

However, I've run into a problem. In the Supplements table (titled "Supp") I've got a field that indicates whether or not that supplement is currently part of the regimen. The field is named Current, and if the supplement is currently being taken, I enter a "y" in that field for yes, otherwise the field remains empty. Then if I want to work with just the current supplements, I do a Find for Current = y, which works as I expect it to. The problem is when I go to one of my other layouts, which is set up as a daily supplement report. Recently I replaced the supplement GABA with a product called GABA Calm. I added the necessary records for GABA Calm in the Supp table and elsewhere. I deleted the "y" in the Supp record for GABA and put a "y" in the GABA Calm record. I once again did a Find for Current = y. Now when I go to the report layout, I see GABA Calm, but GABA is still showing up too. Where is this ghost coming from? I was assuming that if I did a Find for all records where Current = y in the Supp table, that everything else I did would proceed with that found set. Am I wrong? What am I missing here? Any ideas gladly accepted.


Marcia Morrison

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