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Count one value based on another value - Q2...

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Another question;

I do have, in my db, a single table.

I have the fields:






My question is;

I have several productnumbers, both with and without letters/ numbers, but they are not unique.

Each Productnumber is given a location.

Each Productnumber with Location is given a number in stock, from 0 to 2000.

Each location is not unique to that productnumber.

But, I might have the same productnumber several times, but with different locations, and different number in stock.

I need the field "Total_In_Stock" to count the total number in stock for each Productnumber.

I.E. I have:

PO# "920-580" on Location "H1" with 2 in stock, and on location "291504" with 7 in stock.

The "Total_In_Stock" would be 9.

PO# "MayOS" is located only on Location "VM2" with 4 in stock.

The "Total_In_Stock" would be 4.

You get my drift?



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Thank you for that informative video.


I might be a bit sleepy, but as far as I understood, this only works when creating layouts for previewing, and not in standard browse mode...

If there is something I've missed, please explain.


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It's becasue the video originates from ver. 8.5 or 9 where the new feature Dynamic reporting still was unknown to the masses:



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