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Strange problem with runtime solution on 1 customer's machine...???

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I've got a FM runtime solution that I distribute and the first step after you load it the first time is to change your password.

A new customer (hopefully) of mine is getting a message that the file is not modifiable when they try and change their password. It's the first time I've heard of this problem and I can't reproduce it on my own Macbook.

The runtime solution is wrapped up into a Mac Installer Package which is then zipped and placed on the server. You simply download the zip and extract, then run the installer and load the software. I've never had a problem with this until this guy.

I did a screen share with him and went through the whole thing myself and sure enough the software installs just fine (oh, by the way, you have to put in the admin password to install. not sure if that matters) and loads just fine, but when you try and change the password you get this file cannot be modified.

Immediately after that I did the same thing on my own Macbook. Downloaded the zip file fresh, extracted, installed, and I can change my password with any problems.

I have absolutely no idea what might be causing this and I'd appreciate any information on how to possibly fix the problem. Thanks!

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Is there a way to delete my own messages???

After I used my brain for a minute I told him to check the permissions on the runtime files and it was set to Read only. He switched that and all is well now. Not sure why his install was defaulting to read only...must have been something with his system settings I guess..??

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Not that I'm aware of Drew: I had my hand slapped by the Sysop here because I answered my own question and requested that the thread be deleted; he said it was more important for others to read and learn what a user did to solve a problem than to simply delete the post and have no one learn from the experience.

It makes sense.

Glad you got the runtime issue figured out. It's always a chore with those things since you can't make a quick fix with them--you have to re-burn the whole thing then reissue it to the customer; not the best user-friendly venue by any stretch of the imagination. :S

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