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Please Help!!! I REALLY need help with this. 2 relationship portal


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It maybe that my file structure is completely wrong, but I need to figure this out and change my file structure if necessary.

Here's what I have:

3 files - Events, Lists, and Notes

For every event there multiple lists

For every List there are multiple notes

I have a portal in Lists that displays 2 fields from Notes. The portal is based on the relationship List_ID=::List_ID(in Notes). In this portal I need to be able to display all Notes records for the event, not just the notes for the current list.

So far so good, however, I need every note to have both a List_ID and an event_ID. I need this to happen upon record creation in the Lists portal. I can get one or the other (List_ID or Event_ID) but not both. What am I missing?

When performing a find I need to be able to find a note based upon event and list ID. In other words, find all notes for an event (find by event_ID) or find all notes for a particular list for a particular event(find by event_ID and list_ID).


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2 Solutions, simple, and intermediate...

Make Event_ID in Notes Lookup Event_ID from the Parent List.

This simple way is to have 2 Portals from Lists to Notes:

List_ID::List_ID (in Notes) to create new notes

Event_ID::Event_ID (in Notes) to display all notes for the Event.

To have 1 Portal in LISTS that shows all Notes for the Parent Event:

use Event_ID (in Lists)::Event_ID (in Notes) to create Notes.

Then users should add new Notes with a button, the script would be:

Go To Field [Notes::Note]

Go To Portal Row [Last]

Set Field [Notes::List_ID = List_ID] -- sets current List_ID

Set Field [Notes::Note = "New Note"

Go To Field [select, Notes::Note] -- this would highlight the text "New Note"

The Note is created with the Event_ID, and the scripts sets the List_ID for the current List. Just in case the user bypasses this, set the List_ID field in Notes to require a value, and display it in the portal with a value list of only List_IDs related to the Event_ID.

Hope that helps.

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This topic is 7424 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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