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Send Mail- Error Message"Could not send emails"

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I am on the SendMail issue --big time :

So-I have a Sendmail script setup to work with SMTP and it seems to be operating just fine! I find "groups" of users, from 2-600< to send messages to and I ALWAYS put in my gmail account as one of the recipients to make sure everything works---i.e sending mail

The problem:

Sometimes when I send out a "batch" of emails, I get the "Can"t send Email(s)" dialog message from FM Server. Howver, each time I get that message I also correctly receive the email in my gmail account. I am making the assumption that the most/vast majority of emails are going out correctly ---and only improperly formatted or non-existing email addies are kicking back causing that message dialog box ...since I GET the emails in my account -no problem


1) Is my assumption regarding the emails probably correct?

2) Is there anyway (log, script step, etc.) for me to CONFIRM that emails were sent out ? .....and if I can somehow see/access the ones that successfully went and more importantly the emails that failed?

I have tried looking ast my Mac Server SMTP logs....nothing there...and in the FM server admin not much there either....

Any help would be appreciated...


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