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do shell script not picking up errors

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Hi All,

I'm new here so please be gentle....

This works for me in the script editor (its part of a longer script)


set appnames to do shell script "/hosts/bern/user_data/HR/jobsappv1 -g -i=5"

on error the error_message

display dialog "Error encountered"


end try

If the script "jopsappv1" returns an error (exits with 1) then the script does the "on error" bit.

If I run it in filemaker as a "perform applescript" I can't get it to do the "on error" bit when it encounters an error. I even tried giving it the name of a script that does not exist and it still does not do the "on error" bit.

I'm using the "Native applescript" option.

Any pointers very greatfully appreciated.


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I seem to have found an workaround for my problems.

If I wrap my filemaker "Native AppleScript" with a "tell application" and point it at the Applescript utility like this

tell application "osascript"


do shell script .....

on error errStr

display ...

end try

end tell

the error handling seems to work.

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