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Lookup doesn't work in portal

Peter Lars Jensen

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A customer database solution based on a relation between a Company db and a Contact person db. In the main layout of the Company db I have a portal row showing related contact persons of the company.

This is the way it should work: Make a new record in the Company db, fill it out, select the first portal row, type in firstname, tab will bring in information from the Company db from a lookup.

This doesn't work proberly :-(

The information from the Company db should be copied to the Contact person via the lookup when tabing in a new contact person, but only if a) I delete the just typed in entry in the portal and try again, or : if I type in a new entry below another portal row already existing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Why do you need to have the company details copied to the contact record.

As the relationship from company to contact is set via the company identifier, the company details can be used via that relationship in the contacts database (for labels etc.)

Therefore you do not require a lookup. Also, if the company details changed, you would have to relookup the data in the contacts database to ensure it is accurate.

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I run into this problem in the past. the tech info database says that it has to do with the need to exit the record before the lookup (when the lookup field is in a portal0 is triggered). It recommends that you train users to hit the ENTER key after (or before? can't remember which) entering the portal. It also says that you can create a script that exits the record then goes to the portal lookup field to trigger it.

However, I'd love to hear any new solutions to this.

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This topic is 7698 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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