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"Missing SC Folder" Error - when the folder isn't missing


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I'm running SuperContainer as a stand-alone application on a Windows Server 2008 machine. (When I try to run it as part of FileMaker Server, I end up with strange permissions errors that my network administrator can't solve...) This works quite well, but I have to manually start SC by double-clicking on the SuperContainerServer.jar file, which is annoying. My Server machine reboots each night, so I must do this daily.

I tried using the MS Server "task scheduler" to start SuperContainer automatically each day. But the task scheduler, which essentially starts a command task (directing it to the location of the .jar file) ends up with this error when it tries to open SC:

"Missing SuperContainer folder: You must have the SuperContainer folder and the SuperContainer.jar file in the same folder as each other. Please correct this problem and try again."

The error is obviously incorrect, since SuperContainer runs perfectly well when I just double-click on the .jar file.

After I posted the above problem (on January 5...), someone here recommended that I add a shortcut to the .jar file to the Windows startup folder. This works! Sort of...

Now, when I log in to the machine, SuperContainer starts up automatically. The problem is that I must log in to the machine - SuperContainer doesn't start up when the computer reboots. So I am back to essentially starting SC manually each day.

This might be more of a question about Windows startup folders, I suppose - but I figured I'd post the problem here and see if anyone has any ideas.


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Two options:

A) Set your computer to auto login as your user, and then have supercontainer start when the user logs in.

B) If you want to do it through command line you will need to first CD into the SuperContainer directory where the SuperContainerServer.jar file is. Once you have CD'ed into there you can call "java -jar SuperContainerServer.jar" which should launch stand-alone mode.

I think you will still need to log in as a user for option B, so option A would probably be easier for you to do and will have fewer problems.

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This topic is 4414 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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