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Import from .xls adds space to data in field

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We created an Excel file as a demographic data collection tool at a remote site. The data is then imported into FM11 (matching field names with the .xls categories). In FM, we have set up several categories to count the fields with specific data in order to know how many people from X category (county, age group, ethnicity, etc.) accessed the service.

I established value lists in Excel so that the data that is imported will match the FM text that is used for the count.

The trouble we are having is that when the data is imported into FM, somehow a space gets added to the end of the data in the FM field; and therefore the record does not get counted.

Ex. The Excel file lists "Dakota" as the county, but after the import, the FM field contains "Dakota ". The space does not exist in the .xls document and I can not even force the cell to contain a space in the .xls document becuase of the restrictions I put in place.

I am wondering if there is something we may be missing in the import that is resulting in the added space. Any suggestions would be helpful.


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This topic is 4638 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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