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Managing the Enter Key

brian rich

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I've got a layout which consists of a set of buttons. Each button will create a new record in the table and switch to a layout appropriate for that button. The script that opens the layout turns user abort off, hides and locks the status area, then executes a pause script indefinitely step waiting for the user to do something.

As some of the database users are keen keyboard-only users, I have set the tab order up so that the user can tab through the buttons and hit the return key to execute the button script, or alternatively click the button to run the script. On entering the layout, I set focus on the first button with a go to object step. The user can then tab to the button he wants, or click on the button he wants

The problem is that some users treat the Enter Key as though it was the return key; if they do this, the process fails as the Enter Key removes the focus from the current active button so I can't capture which button was 'Returned'. I need a way to ensure that whether the user hits Enter, hits return or clicks a button, I can capture which button was acted on correctly.

Any ideas would be welcomed



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This topic is 4623 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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