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Server set up

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Had SC working well on my home machine...

Went to set up the DB on the work server and got a bit lost

Basic point - for the 5 clients to see my Pdf's do I have SC running on the server on port 80,

or do I have to have it running with a copy of FM pro on the server on port 8020

In the topics it said use the installer jar but all i get is 'web publishing is not deployed & not integrated with webserver .....'

Do I need to get the webserver engine running for SC (I'm only using it on a LAN server and 5 clients)

I tried the SCserver jar and that came up with port problems

A post implied that you had to install it manually on Snow Leopard server -

looking this up in the documentation was as clear as mud

ps on the latest OS and SC versions

A simple LAN set up procedure would be most helpful for the users rather than the understanders of your great plugin


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There are three deployment options, two main ones.

1) Deploy with filemaker server - do this by running installer.jar. This installs supercontainer as part of the filemaker server WPE and it will operate on port 80. You will need to restart your web server (IIS or Apache) as the on-screen instructions state after running this installer. You must have the WPE deployed to use this deployment method. If it is not running on your machine you may have canceled the WPE deployment or turned it off at some point. Running the WPE deployment assistant in your filemaker server admin console will get the WPE deployed on your machine. Y

2) Deploy in stand-alone mode - do this by running supercontainerserver.jar. This runs supercontainer as a stand-alone application. SuperContainer operates on port 8020 in this mode. If you have another service running on port 8020 on your machine you could experience a port conflict. You can change the port SuperContainer uses in the options screen. SuperContainer is a stand-alone application running in this mode, and does not require any other software to be installed on the machine (other than an OS and Java, of course).

The setup procedure is to simply run one of those two jar files. The first method has a few clicks, but deployment for stand-alone mode is just double-clicking on the SuperContainerServer.jar file. When you see the box pop up, SuperContainer is running!

SuperContainer is installed/run on one machine, similar to how you deploy filemaker server on only one machine. If you are having trouble getting users to see your deployment you may have a firewall blocking your ports, or you may be using an incorrect IP address in your URL.

You can store any kind of file in SuperContainer. Certain filetypes have an additional bonus of being able to have preview images generated for them. Jpg, gif, and png images can have previews generated in any deployment, but to see preview images of pdf file you must deploy supercontainer in stand-alone mode on a mac computer.

You do not need to do a manual installation of SuperContainer on Snow Leopard. This was an issue in an old version of SuperContainer shortly after Snow Leopard was released, but it was resolved and is no longer an issue.

Feel free to give me a Skype, IM, or call me with questions as well.

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This topic is 4391 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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