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Can't uninstall Scriptmaker over FM9 and FM11


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Hi there,

I usually work with a solution with some functions of Scriptmaker.

I have installed this solution in a computer running FM9 and FM11 Advanced. But all the two versions show a message as the plugin wouldn't be installed.

Trying to do it throught the autoupdate failed aslo.

I can see the pluging in the FM preferences, but in grey and is it imposible to activate it.

I have uninstall the two versions of FM, even cleaning the registry and install again with the same error.

In the same computer we have a FM Server 9.

We have this same scenary in others computers running perfectly.

Any idea?

Thanks ;)

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It sounds like you may have put it in your regular FileMaker/Extensions/ Directory, but you probably also loaded into your auto-update directory.

This is found at Your Home Directory/Local/AppData/FileMaker/Extensions/. FileMaker pro puts plugins in this location when they are installed through Auto-Update.

We've also made a removal applet if you don't want to go through and find the directory, which is actually a hidden folder. You can access this at http://360works.com/remove-plugins/.

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This topic is 4379 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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