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"New Record" Not Creating New Portal Field


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Hey all,

I'm a brand new FM user but have a good amount of tech savvy. I'm working in FM10 Advanced.

I'm creating a database for a music library. I used the FM "Music Library" template to start out but my catalog is song based and not album/disc based so I had to do some editing, i.e. "Album Name" is now "Song Name." I took the portal in the template that was intended for tracks/songs and made it for Composers and their associated writer affiliations, percentage shares, etc. (changed the related table name to "Composers"). I used the existing portal because I couldn't quite figure out how to build it from scratch so i just replaced names, validations, etc. to fit my needs. I duplicated the portal and did the same to address the publishers of my songs within the same layout but created a related table called "Publishers" for that portal.

My issue: I've finished creating my layout and everything is great. I entered my first song's info and all looks fantastic. But then, in Browse Mode i clicked "New Record" and all fields were cleared for new information to be entered except for my "Composers" section/portal. It still has the info from record #1 in it and if I change the info in that portal/area in my new record (#2) and page back to record #1, the info has changed to the edits made in my new record. The weird thing is, the "Publishers" portal/area that is an exact duplicate of the Composers portal DOES create a new set for information to be entered and stays independent from it's respective area in the previous record. The two portals within the layout are identical, each with its own layout with essential fields appropriately linked to respective tables and fields.

I've double and triple checked all of my relationships, how fields are linked to tables, etc... I'm at a loss. And again, I'm new to this.

Also, does it matter how you relate a table to another? I just made each one relate by "date created" so that I could do what I needed. Is there a "right" way to relate tables for portal use?

Thanks in advance. I'm long-winded by nature... Thanks for bearing with me :)


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Also, does it matter how you relate a table to another?

Only if you want the database to work properly. ;)

Post a clone of your file so we can see what you're up to.

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This topic is 4378 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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