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move or rename file plugin


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Hello all,

I just discovered the free plugins from 360 by downloading scriptmaster, as I was looking for a way for fm to capture a photo taken from a webcam (logitech quickcam zoom)to be put straight into a container field.

I didn't find that, but I saw the "move or rename file", so I thought I could place a button above my container field that would rename & move the picture I just took, then go to the container field & insert picture with the new name.

But I cant get move or rename to work, keeps coming back with a 0 (error), both after I register the function & make a script to call it or just trying it out in scriptmaster (by clicking green arrow)

I changed to original path to

"filewin:/C:/Users/zoot/Downloads/phototest1.jpg" ( I tried with & without the "")

and the moveto path to

"filewin:/C:/Users/zoot/Downloads/phototest.jpg" (again with or w/o the "")

I am using fm 11 adv on windows vista (& xp & 7)

Thanks for any input


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Thanks, that was it.

So now I'm using "move or rename file" to move the photo to a shared folder on a networked computer renaming it to the last & first name fields,

I would then like to use some command to insert the picture as a reference, but I dont see how to do that.

Right now, I am using the script Insert Picture (not as a reference)(with the path set to logitechs default path & filename),and then I move/rename it. (to my "server" photo folder)

I was thinking about using 360's Get File As Container, but it doesn't look like it has an option to store as reference.

I dont even know if it would matter to embed all the photos in the file. Currently, its a 2 file system, with my data file being about 2000kb and my application file being about 5000 kb. Each picture is about 10kb and I will insert about 2000 of them. Therefore, my data file should go up to about 22,000 kb?. right?

Would that slow down things, or is that nothing?

Thanks for any more input

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Phil straightened me out, setting variables for the path name, then just using fm insert picture, stored as reference.

Still curious about embedding vs storing as ref. on file size and speed issues.

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Embedding an image stores it in your .fp7 file. Storing a reference leaves it in the original location, but stores a path to the file in your .fp7 file. If your user does not have access to the path (such as a user uploading a file from their desktop, which would only work for that user) or the file is moved then the file will not be available to other users. If the file is available to all users then there shouldn't be much of a speed difference either way, barring network limitations.

You may want to check out SuperContainer, which gives you the small .fp7 size like storing as a reference, the accessibility of storing directly in the container, and speed advantages that neither option can provide.


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This topic is 4348 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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