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Export from remote file to local XML in script


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I'm tasked with regularly grabbing some data out of a remote Filemaker database and importing it into a different system in house. The remote database is running FM 9 and we have several FM client licenses that are version 10 and 11.

So far the best way I can find to do this is through a script in Filemaker. Essentially I want to open the remote database and export a selection of fields across all records to a local XML file (and then I'll worry about the rest later).

I'm new to FM so please forgive me if my questions are obvious or stupid. I created a new FM file with the intent of having it run a script when the file is opened (so that I could attempt to automate the process). I can get the script to open the remote database, but when I try to get it to export records from that database, the scripting window only gives me options to export records from the new, empty database that the script resides in.

Is there any hope for this approach? Or is it doomed from the start? Are the any other paths that I should pursue? The company hosting the database does not have external ODBC connection available at this time. They will open it, for a fee, but I believe the data transmitted between sites over ODBC would then be unencrypted, which is unacceptable.



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This topic is 4330 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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