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Field used to set folder name for storage on server (2 issues)

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1. I have my Filemaker users enter a name into a field, which is parsed, through a script, into a legal directory name.

That value is used in the SC Web Viewer as the folder name where I want the image to be stored on the server.

I want to know how to prevent users from uploading the image, until that text field has a value in it?

HERE'S THE CODE used by the Web Viewer..

"http://videvent.com:8023/SuperContainer/Files/InterviewsAndMusic/" & SESSIONS::ID & "/images/" &
CleanFolderName ( SESSIONS::ImageName1 )

2. Additionally - since the folder name "CleanFolderName ( SESSIONS::ImageName1 )" (see last question code example) is entered before the actual image is uploaded.. After the text field is filled in, the Web Viewer displays an empty container - and then, when the user drags an image into the container, they get a message that asks "Are you sure you want to overwrite..".

I think that if you can answer question 1 however, I should be able to figure out how to prevent this second issue on my own (hopefully).

I made a 3 minute screen capture movie (here) that should give you a complete picture of how I'm doing this.

Thanks for your help - in advance.

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This topic is 4318 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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