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Can't print from scripted button in FMGo

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I've just loaded FMGo in my iPad and using a solution that I haven't touched for years, running FM8.5 Mac with no problems at all. There are a few small issues as I have locked out some of the options on the solution (using access privileges to reduce the available menu options and use scripted buttons for things such as deleting records, creating new ones and printing). From memory and recent inspection it was a standard available setting (it's been a long time since I looked "under the hood" and I can't remember what everything does!).

On FMGo the "New Record" and "Delete Record" buttons seem to work off the solution but the "Print" button opens up a Print Setup dialog in FMPro but the Print button is greyed out. The sample solution supplied with FMGo which has full access prints fine.

I wonder if anyone can tell me the quickest way to restore the ability to print from this file from my iPad other than restore all menu options. I've never tried custom menus but if this is the way I'll investigate it further. I'm hoping it will be a simple task.

Thanks very much.

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