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Applescript to copy file from network volume

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I am trying to create an applescript to copy (duplicate) a file located on a network volume to my desktop (for simplicity sake). My problem seems to be accessing the file on the network volume, because this script works for files located on my Mac. I know that the file does exist, because I also have a different applescript to open the file directly from the network volume which works fine.

set source to "AMINTERNAL:NPI Projects:Experimental Docs:1556.13.1.ppt"

set destination to "Drive 1:Users:simonen:Desktop"

tell application "Finder"

duplicate file source to folder destination with replacing

end tell

AMINTERNAL is a mounted network volume on my local Mac and it is accessible via another applescript that can open the file. I just can't seem to duplicate the file to my local Mac.

Thanks for the help.

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