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Upgrade to OSX Mountain Lion Permission Denied Error Message

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Hello, I just upgraded my MacBook Pro to Mountain Lion. I am using fmpa10. When I tried to open a database file I received an error message saying:

"BioASys.fp7" could not be opened. (Permission Denied)

I tried opening other files in fmpa10 and got the same error. I also have fmpa11 on my system and the files opened ok in fmpa11. Does anybody know how to set the correct permission so that I can open my file. Thanks, George

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Hello, I called FileMaker support to ask them for help with this problem and they were able to find the solution. It turns out I have a 360 Works plugin installed on my system that was causing the permission denied error message to occur. What I did to resolve the issue was go into the extensions folder of my fmpa10 application and copy the 360 works plugin to a different folder. Then I deleted the 360 Works plugin from the extensions folder. Then I opened (successfully) the file in fmpa10. Then I closed the file went to the folder that I had copied the 360 Works plugin into and copied it back into the fmpa10 extensions folder. Then I reopened the file in fmpa10 and everything worked fine. Sincerely, George

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