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Applescript errors within Filemaker "Perform Applescript" - Not in Applescript Native

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HI I have an apple script that works natively in Applescript but is failing with errors when called within a script "Perform Applescript".

It seems to be something to do with the way FM_TXT is being read.

The error is

Can't get 40 thru 64 of "47". -1728

Here is the Applescript that works as an applescript.

set FM_Output to "filemac:/Applications:MyTools:Database_Conform:Applescript:temp:000.xml" as alias

set FM to (open for access FM_Output)

set FM_TXT to (read FM) as Unicode text

set AppleScript's text item delimiters to (ASCII character 10)

set XMLNameLength to (offset of "16680" in (paragraph 1 of FM_TXT))

set XMLName to (text 40 thru XMLNameLength of FM_TXT) as string

display dialog "Reel Name is " & XMLName giving up after 5

Here is the PerformApplescript :

set the_file to ":Applications:MyTools:Database_Conform:Applescript:scripts:test.scpt" as alias


run script (the_file)

on error err number error_number

display dialog err & " " & error_number

end try

Would it matter within Filemaker that the 000.xml file is not correctly formatted at this point as a standard xml.

Applescript itself does not seem to mind that it is not.


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After 2 Days of head scratching and trying numerous ridiculous ideas I found a post on another forum that had a similar problem.


It worked a TREAT!

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