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Displaying multiple images in a portal

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I'm looking for some help with making multiple images appear in one portal. I have nearly no experience in database building or FileMaker, so please forgive me for my ignorance.

What I'm trying to do is making two rows of images (2x approx. 10 images) appear in the lay-out mode. The way my database is organised, is that there's one table containing names and data of different photographers and the second table consists of front and backsides of photographs in containers. They're related via the photographer's name. The thing is, for one photographer there can be up to 10 pairs of front- and backsides of photographs, which is why I've decided to use 2 tables in the first place. The first thing I tried was creating one portal showing all related rows (for example: all the related frontsides), but I had no idea how to make the images appear in the right place or even at all. So I've been trying to create a number portals that would display only one image at a time (by setting the 1st portal to have 1 as the starting row and 1 as the number of rows and the 2nd portal to have 2 as starting row and 1 as the number, etc.) I was hoping that this way I would be able to look up a photographer and get an overview of all photos made by him.

Unfortunately, my method always resulted in only the first photograph by a specific photographer being shown, instead of the other related ones (another strange thing was I had to move the inner box of the portal around first before the image would appear, but I don't know how relevant that is here). Am I overlooking something or is there a more efficient way of going about this?

I hope I gave a bit of an idea of my problem and I'm very thankful for any help I can get!

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Problem solved! My initial idea with using one portal for each image did work, but due to a human error (ie. mine ;) ) they wouldn't display correctly.

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