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[ANN] FileMaker Product Developers Conference

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FileMaker Product Developers Conference

October 23-24, 2012

Chicago, IL


Do you have a FileMaker Product Business that you would like to grow? Do you have an idea for a FileMaker product that you would like to sell?

Join us for an intensive workshop with other software developers with a wide variety of experiences to discuss problems and solutions to the challenges we are all facing in today's marketplace.

Software sales is a competitive market, and you need all the advantages you can find. You don’t have huge marketing budgets. You’re up against well-known solutions, now not only from other desktop programs, but iOS and web based programs.

Molly Connolly, a fifteen-year software and database development expert, and Allen Imbarrato, creator of the KiBiz System software that has been selling worldwide for over 15 years, are hosting a collaborative conference to bring together FileMaker product developers to focus in depth on the current challenges they are facing in today's competitive marketplace.

Top FileMaker product experts will lead workshops, panel discussions, and roundtables to explore topics fully, and produce concrete strategies and actions to takeaway.

We’ll cover topics including:

  • How to define a compelling purpose, vision and mission for your company that will focus your energies
  • How to deal with competition from online databases and iOS apps
  • How to identify your target market and position your product
  • How to get funding to support the development and marketing of your product
  • How to structure both the business and technical side of your work to maximize your potential for profit
  • How to build an effective team and company infrastructure to allow your business to grow successfully

Speakers Include:

Bill Bennett, Velvet Singer

Dave Johnson, Wizard Software

Ernest Koe, Proof Group

Joe Mastriani, HAPPY Software

Matt Navarre, MSN Media

This opportunity to learn from, interact with, and get to know fellow FileMaker product developers over 2 jam packed days is one of the best chances you'll have to grow your business.

To register and learn more about the expert speakers, and conference information, please visit:


Contact Molly Connolly at molly@thorsenconsulting.com for more information.

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