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Charting subsummary data

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FM11. I set up a report layout with sub summaries. (underlying database is some 6000 records with 50 fields each) Simply a field representing a list of equip types, a field representing an evaluation code (A B or C) and another to indicate the number of the evaluation codes against the equipment type. (simple count calculation to achieve this total count per group) All in a single sub summary part.

This works as expected. If a single equip type has say 5 As, and 2 Bs it is summarised and listed accordingly. eg: Equip Y = 5 x A, and Equip Y = 2 x B displayed as two separate line items.

However, when a graph is initiated, regardless of where it is placed, (trailing grand summary, body or where ever - obviously adjust the sort etc depending on location) the chart will combine the quantity and code into one value under the relevant equip type to which each of the codes may belong.

Based on the above it will give me a single instance of Equip Y with a value of 7 (5+2) and annotate the legend as A (if chart is in a leading summary (first record) or a B (Trailing summary - last record)

The sub summary layout appears to exhibit the data in the required format.

Where have I gone amiss? All other data is being displayed as it should. It is only where the parent equip type has multiple instances of different codes that they are not being treated separately but their count is not being treated separately and they are being combined under a single instance of the parent equipment type in the graph. Not the summary layout.

Any hints greatly appreciated.

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