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Downloads in CWP

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Just wondering if anyone has experience using $sc->download() in CWP/PHP. The documentation is sparse at best. I've been playing with this a bit, but haven't gotten it to work (trying to download an SC file to my local drive). I have the cURL library activated in PHP, so that should not be an issue. I think the main issue I have is trying to figure out what the proper syntax is for the destination. I tried what was in the example ('/tmp'), but got a permissions error. Ideally I'd like to have things go to the Downloads folder on the user's machine - has anybody done that?


More broadly, the ultimate goal is to allow users to select a set of images from a web page, and be able to zip them up and download them to the Downloads folder. I'm thinking that I would probably need to download the files into a temp directory on the server & then zip them & download them using php. Either that, or perhaps request some custom coding by the 360Works folks...


Any suggestions on how to approach all of this would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Dave!


I have a web portal that I use to serve up "job site photos" to my vendor.  


My Filemaker Server is completely inside my firewall and the web application server "straddles" the firewall.   I use SuperContainer internally for all of my images.    As such, it works pretty easy to pull the SuperContainer managed images from the Filemaker Server to my (linux) web server.


I am doing something very similar to the following:

// Make sure that JPEGs have enough elbow room in memory when creating thumbnails


$IMAGECACHEDIR = "tempdl";  // This is top level where we will download supercontainer files

$SC_BASE_URL = 'http://myserveraddress.com/SuperContainer/Files';  // Base URL

// Full path to the images folder
$TEMPFILES = "/var/www/books/" . $IMAGECACHEDIR . "/";

$sc = new SuperContainer($SC_BASE_URL);   // Create a new SuperContainer object

$targetfile = "Books" . "/" . $BookRecord['bookID'][0];

// Ask for the file's info.
$targetinfo = $sc->getInfo($targetfile);

// Create an OS friendly file name of of it
$fileName = strtolower(str_replace(" ","",str_replace("r","",$targetinfo['name'])));

// I grab some of the file info which I use for display and such
$fileSize = $targetinfo['size'];
$uploadDate = $targetinfo['date'];

$at_container = $sc->download($targetfile,$TEMPFILES . $fileName);


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