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Updating FM Starting Point with Data imported from a previous version?

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Being kind of a newbie to Filemaker, having designed databases on Paradox 7 for Windows, i have been using what i believe to be FM Starting Point 2.1v12 on a MAC for quite a while, mainly using the projects section to keep an eye on Daily To Do Lists, and log term projects, and also for it being a way of keeping and collating all documents relating to a task - but not using file links, or the supercontainer.


Everything is working well with no issues, thank you for such a great product.


Today however i downloaded an updated version (the link on the file said that the website held the newest version) so i downloaded what i think is Version 4 (how i missed 3, i dont know).


So after downloading it, naturally it is blank, so how do i get all the related information from V2 in?


I opened V4 and looked to import the previous file and it does indeed import all the projects - very nice!


However, the To Do's appear to not be there and the documents also do not appear to be there either and i cannot see for the life of me how i do this?


Any ideas

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So we have a 24 minute video that covers how to do this.  There is a script in FMSP 4 that handles this...but it has to be customized to fit your needs.


The 24 minute video... covers all this.  The video in our our Pro 13 video our... $39.99.


0713 - Upgrading Copies of FMSP

A step by step process on importing multiple tables in FMSP



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